Our Process

Our process is designed to be as low touch for our client’s as possible. Beginning by supporting your initial conversation with IT and data record management personnel and ending with a custom set of dashboards built just for you, we will facilitate the entire process from start to finish.

  1. Set up a Kick-Off call to understand your goals and specific metrics that you want to ensure are tracked.
  2. An SOW is drafted stating exactly what you want and exactly what it costs. Our products are designed to be quickly deployed and affordable and you only pay for the visualizations that you want.
  3. Phase 1 Begins:
    • Data sources are identified.
    • Initial QA and data normalization occurs to understand how specific record fields are currently being used.
    • A HIPPA Compliant database is created.
  4. Phase 2 Begins:
    • Data ingested by Echo Platform
    • Dashboards are built
    • Results are QA’d.
    • Training sessions are held to ensure you are able to fully utilize and deploy.
  5. Echo Data Analytics will then continue to monitor functionality and performance and implementation. You will always be able to reach us directly or the the support section of our website.